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Quality supported living – 1 Day in our Life

Zetetick Housing are committed to Quality Supported Living for Tenants and Landlords.

Zetetick Housing Charity specialises in providing high-quality supported living properties so that vulnerable adults with disabilities, learning difficulties, autism and mental health issues can live independently in their own homes with the support they need.

Sandra, Zetetick’s Housing Officer has over 15 years of housing experience, covering a wide range of sectors such as: Supported Housing, Private Sector Leasing (PSL), General Needs & Sheltered Housing.  She has worked for small and large Housing Associations and Local Councils covering many boroughs in and out of London.

I have been Zetetick’s Housing Officer for a year and a bit, having worked in similar roles before. Covid-19 was discovered in the UK not long after I joined, so as well as adapting to a new job I have also had to find ways to get things done in new ways. The housing team is based in the Croydon office, and as a small, friendly team we have worked together to keep supporting our tenants throughout lockdowns and restrictions to ensure they have quality supported living.

Housing team

I work closely with the Director of Housing and the Maintenance Supervisor, and we speak every day about what is going on with housing or maintenance issues. I might speak to individual maintenance officers about a particular repair, or if it’s an emergency I might need to go through it with them in more detail.

Supported living housing

Care providers

Repairs and maintenance issues are reported to us by the support managers at the care providers we work with. We have a database system and all jobs are logged onto that and given a target completion date, so we can keep track of everything and make sure our in-house maintenance team is always on top of outstanding jobs.


Occasionally a repair will be necessary that is the responsibility of the landlord. If that happens I will deal with the landlord and if it is easier for them I will arrange the repair on their behalf.  Providing quality supported living properties is what matters to us most.

Local authorities

Supported living is funded through housing benefit, and as Housing Officer it is my responsibility to do all the housing benefit applications on behalf of our tenants. I deal with the housing benefit departments and have good relationships with them, and appreciate how much extra pressure local authorities have been under since the pandemic.

Supported living housing


Supported living providers are obliged by housing regulations to make a small weekly charge to tenants to cover some of the costs incurred, so I sometimes speak to tenants or whoever is in charge of their finances about that.

Property inspections – providing quality supported living housing in Sussex and Croydon

I like to get out and about and have missed going to look at potential new properties during Covid. At Zetetick we take pride in looking after our properties and to ensure quality supported living we have a rolling programme of redecoration, so we regularly inspect our existing properties to see if anything needs to be done. It is also a good way to meet the tenants and support staff and get to know them, and I am looking forward to being able to do more of that this year and next.

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