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Charity Donations | 3 reasons for bountiful giving

Charity Donations | Will you support people with learning difficulties?

Rising demand and falling income means charity giving can help

This is a time of unprecedented challenges for charities. Demand for services has increased at the same time as income has fallen due to lost funding opportunities. Among the hardest hit are smaller local charities and those in housing, social care, mental health and in disadvantaged communities. As well as financial pressures, social distancing has impacted on many charities’ ability to deliver services and called for completely new ways of working.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Zetetick Housing has continued to provide high-qualitysupported living homes to marginalised people, mainly with a learning disability or autism, or with complex needs. We have readily adapted to working from home during lockdowns and our maintenance team have been keeping our tenants safe in their homes, following social distancing guidelines and wearing the appropriate PPE.

Like many charities, Zetetick are seeing increased demand for our services during this period. Covid-19 has given a new urgency to the call to move people out of inpatient hospital care and into supported living schemes. It has never been so important that vulnerable adults have their own safe and comfortable home, protected from large scale Covid-19 outbreaks. In addition, the support needs of the people we are trying to help have in many cases increased. Our tenants have had to contend with increased social isolation and anxiety, disruption to routines, and the restriction of their independence to go out and socialise. This means we need to do as much as we can to look after our tenants’ wellbeing and housing needs.

Covid-19 maintenance

In-house maintenance

Charity Giving: The value of donations

Zetetick rely on charity donations to offer more people our supported living services but this year we have suffered from a reduction in fundraising opportunities due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Right now, any form of income is desperately needed so we can look after more vulnerable adults in the pandemic. With your charity donations we can help more people, and help people more. We are so grateful to all the donors who keep us and so many smaller charities going through thick and thin. 

New unique fundraising ideas for the best support

Charity Donations - Zetetick housing

Zetetick are looking to raise funds for some specific equipment that will allow us to win more victories for our tenants.

We recognise the importance of using up to date technology to be as effective as possible, especially in the new normal. We are therefore hoping to provide MacBooks for all Zetetick staff, which best support our office systems and therefore allow us to best support tenants with the provision of housing and care. The new laptops will also make it easier to transfer between working from home and being in the office in line with changing government guidance.

As Zetetick Housing looks to expand, the maintenance team will need additional tools to support the excellent service they already provide! With the right tools, the team can complete jobs more quickly to the best standard. That’s why we are asking for charity donations to buy them the equipment they need.

We also have two fundraising appeals running to improve our tenant’s wellbeing at home. We are asking for charity donations to add a virtual assistant in every home, and to plant a fruit tree in every garden. With all the disruption and uncertainty, virtual assistants can help our tenants stay organised and offer entertainment. A fruit tree in the garden will boost our tenant’s wellbeing, as they watch it grow and enjoy its nutritious fruit.

Charity Donations: Donate a little or a lot

Please consider giving as much or as little as you are able to and help us to provide more supported living homes and do more for our tenants this winter. The larger the charity donations the bigger the difference we can make, but just £1 helps.

Regular charity donations by standing order mean you can give a small amount each month and still make a massive difference to Zetetick’s work. This also helps give us a predictable income so we can plan and make commitments to our tenants.

If you are a business looking for beneficiaries for your corporate social responsibility programme you can also offer charity donations via this link or feel free to get in touch to discuss further.

Your Donation will make the difference

Help us so those with learning difficuties can feel the security of thier own home
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Thank you for your generosity.

Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing specialised accommodation to people that cant keep a roof over their head without support, we can make your charitable donation gift count.

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