Zetetick Values

The BEDROCK of our housing charity is our values. We watch and guide for these values and behaviours. We discuss and demonstrate how they are recognised. We clearly communicate and integrate our values and behaviours with the processes such as recruitment and performance management, So we can increase engagement and satisfaction with all our partners, from, tenants and staff to Landlords and local authorities; developing a charity always looking to improve.


We believe wholeheartedly in inclusion, that everyone has the right to live independently and get the support they need. To find out what people need you have to enquire. This is one of the reasons for our name Zetetick, which means to find out by enquiry.

Respect & Dignity

We aim to value and respect everyone for their own sake.

Empathy & Courtesy

To put ourselves in the place of another and understand affects the way we treat our tenants, and each other, with politeness and courtesy. It is an important part of the support we want to offer.

Open and Honest

We are truthful and fair in all we do, as a charity we are not here to make money but to offer an open honest and transparent service to our beneficiaries.

Kindness & Social Responsibility

We all have a duty to create good community, to support each other and make a better world for everyone. So we must make an extra effort for those who society most easily marginalises.


We are determined to do our best for all our tenants, and to be courteous, flexible and highly responsive to their needs.

Care & Support

To offer loving care, to be loyal and true friends to our tenants, and our promise that we will support our tenants for life.


of everything we do

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