Our Story

Who We Are.

Our Story

The charity, Zetetick Housing, was formed as a result of a shortage of organisations that were flexible or willing to support people with a learning difficulty, disability or mental health issue who wished to find a tenancy home under the best practice model of supported living where the provision of care and housing are separated.

Our story began in 2007.

Zetetick Housing Ltd was incorporated (Company House Registration No: 6082488) on the 5th February 2007 and achieved registered charitable status (Charities Commission Registration No: 1118922) on 24th April 2007.

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Over 10 Years

Zetetick is a unique housing charity, well-established, providing specialised services for over 12 years supporting vulnerable adults to sustain their tenancies and become a valued members of their local communities. Our aim is to become ‘life partners’ with our tenants and help support them to deal with all their future housing needs.

Change for the better

Since the formation of the Charity in April 2007 we have seen the lives of many tenants change for the better – significantly so. It brings everyone at this unique housing charity great pleasure to have played our part in bringing independence and inclusion to people who have so much to gain from living within our communities.


We specialise in seeking properties from the open private rental market. This allows us total flexibility to source properties that meet the specific needs of our tenants. These can range from bungalows to high-rise flats, subject to referral information and market availability.

Supported Living

Supported living has opened up access to a much wider range of housing options for people with a learning disability, including ‘general needs’ social housing and even home-ownership.

Although it is too early to make an overall judgement about the relative cost of supported living there is evidence that this is not unmanageable; for some individuals the cost of their housing and support arrangements has actually been lower than the residential care they were previously using.

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