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Supported living – Zetetick Housing goes the extra mile

Supported living – the extras that Zetetick Housing provides to support care providers and tenants to make their lives a little bit easier.

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Gear up for Supported Living with Zetetick

Zetetick Housing provides exempt accommodation supported living homes mainly to people with disabilities, learning difficulties and autism.

Best practice supported living states that the housing and support elements should be provided by separate organisations. This gives real choice to tenants who are able to change one without having to change the other – for example, a tenant wanting to change their support provider would not automatically lose their home at the same time.


Many providers of supported living provide both the accommodation and support. That’s not to say that they are doing a bad job, but the best practice model that Zetetick Housing follows allows the tenant real control over their lives.

Supported living

Buying the basics

Zetetick believes in going the extra mile to ensure that tenants have a good foundation when they move into one of our properties.

When moving into a new home, or a first home of your own, it can be daunting to work out everything you need to buy, and it is expensive. Zetetick takes away this stress for our tenants. Unlike most other supported living providers Zetetick provides basic furniture, white goods and the basic necessities. New tenants get a starter pack containing things like cutlery, crockery and bedding to make sure they don’t have to worry about buying the basics that everyone needs for everyday life.

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Maintenance is just a click away

Another way that Zetetick Housing goes the extra mile is by having an in-house maintenance team that is just a click away. As well as carrying out emergency repairs and routine maintenance they also have a rolling programme of redecoration. All jobs are given strict targets and are closely monitored so tenants and support workers don’t have to worry.

Zetetick’s maintenance team also gets to know our tenants and support workers, making the whole process less stressful.

Supported living

Supported living – taking the pressure off property for support providers

Zetetick Housing sources its properties on the private rental market, meaning we can respond quickly to referrals and find homes that suit the needs and preferences of tenants. We take the pressure off property for our partner care and support providers, allowing them to concentrate on supporting tenants to live the best lives they can.

Interested? Then Get in touch.

If you need a supported living housing provider to go the extra mile for you then get in touch.

If you need a supported living housing provider to go the extra mile for you then get in touch. Contact Us



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