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Learning disabilities

Housing for supported living | Reflecting diverse needs

Housing for supported living, it’s not a one size fits all.

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Who are Zetetick’s tenants?

Zetetick Housing Charity specialises in providing high-quality housing for supported living so that vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and mental health issues can live independently in their own homes with the support they need.

Like all of us, our tenants have individual needs and preferences, so when it comes to housing for adults with learning disabilities, autism, and complex and diverse needs, one size definitely does not fit all.

Zetetick Housing empowers choice and delivers dignity to all our tenants, with a person-centred approach.

How does Zetetick work in partnership with care and support providers?

Best practice supported living means that the support and housing for supported living are provided by separate organisations. Zetetick provides the housing for supported living and works with trusted partner care providers who provide the support, giving real choice to tenants by enabling them to change one without having to change the other – for example, a tenant wanting to change their support provider would not automatically lose their home at the same time. This allows tenants to have real control over their lives.

Housing for supported living

Zetetick is mindful about sourcing the right property

Zetetick source properties on the private rental market, so we are able to respond quickly to referrals and match the home to the tenant’s individual needs and preferences. Living in a home they love means that tenants settle quickly and stay with us. We take the pressure off property for our care and support providers, allowing them to concentrate on supporting tenants to live the best lives they can.

Effective in-house maintenance

For our tenants, property maintenance is just a click away.  Our online reporting systems means repairs can be dealt with quickly at a time that suits tenants.  As well as dealing with emergency repairs, Zetetick’s in-house maintenance team carries out regular property inspections and has an ongoing schedule of redecoration as part of our commitment to looking after properties to the highest standard.

Learning disabilities

Intensive housing management

Zetetick’s intensive housing management means that our tenants receive extra support to maintain their tenancies – leases are between the landlord and Zetetick, and we pay utility bills.  This allows tenants to sustain their tenancies and become part of their local community, whatever their needs.  It also enables our partner care providers to focus on what matters – supporting the tenant.

Some more of our services include:

  • 24/7 response for emergency repairs
  • Communal services, such as gardening, window cleaning, cleaning of communal area that would be expected to be carried out by general tenants (in addition to the repairs and maintenance undertaken by our in-house team!)
  • Adaptations made to the property tailored to the tenant if necessary
  • Provision of basic furniture, white goods and necessities
  • Increased number of inspections and property visits
  • Rolling redecoration programme

Security and stability

Zetetick aims to provide housing for supported living to our tenants long term, and to be life partners to those we support.  This provides our tenants with the security and stability they need to live their lives to the fullest.  Our first tenant is still with us after 14 years!

Being in the right environment with the right kind of support that reflects their needs can make all the difference to adults with learning disabilities or autismZetetick offers support, freedom and opportunity to our tenants so that they can flourish within their local communities in a home that they deserve.

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#supportedliving #charity #inclusion #home #autism #learningdisability #housing

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