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Care providers

Care providers | Zetetick supplies property for supported living

Care providers can find the pieces of the puzzle for supported living

Providing loving support and care to those who put their trust in you is central to the lives of our tenants.  Care providers do an incredible job for their clients and enable them to live the best lives they can.

Zetetick Housing is a successful provider of supported living accommodation. We don’t supply general housing, we supply specialised housing to vulnerable adults, including those with disabilities, learning difficulties, autism or mental health issues.

We follow best practice in supported living which involves the separation of housing and support and Zetetick works in close partnership with care providers to deliver high-quality happy supported housing homes as an exempt housing provider.

The Covid-19 crisis, with continually tougher restrictions being put in place, has made the role of care providers that much tougher.

Zetetick housing understands that and will always be here to provide you with that extra support to make the job you love as smooth as possible.

What are the additional pieces of the jigsaw?

Safe and happy homes for your clients – puzzle piece #1

With Zetetick a care provider needn’t be concerned with finding a property for your new or existing client.

Zetetick housing source properties on the private rental market, so we are able to move quickly and match the property to the tenant’s individual needs and preferences.

Zetetick housing take the pressure off care providers.

Care providers

In-house maintenance team – puzzle piece #2

For our tenants, property maintenance is just a click away.  Zetetick’s in-house maintenance service means that care providers don’t need to worry about finding a tradesperson when something goes wrong.

As well as dealing with emergency repairs, Zetetick’s property maintenance team carries out regular property inspections and has an ongoing schedule of redecoration as part of our commitment to looking after properties to the highest standard.

Our online reporting systems means repairs can be dealt with quickly at a time that suits tenants.

No muss, no fuss for care providers!

Care providers

Intensive housing management – piece #3

This term describes the services provided by Zetetick as a supported living or supported housing landlord as opposed to a general needs landlord.  These services allow tenants to sustain their tenancies and become part of their local community, whatever their needs.

Some of these include:

  • Communal services, such as gardening, window cleaning, cleaning of communal area (in addition to the repairs and maintenance undertaken by our in-house team!)
  • Adaptations made to the property tailored to the tenant
  • Accessible materials and documentation to support the tenant’s understanding of their tenancy
  • 24/7 contact services for all enquiries
  • Increased number of inspections and property visits
  • Ongoing liaison with you as the care provider involved in the care and other support of the tenant

Care providers and Zetetick, together we complete the puzzle

Care providers with a new or existing client needing a property, or if you’d just like to talk about how we might work together in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touchWe’d love to hear from you!

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