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Equality and Diversity: Zetetick Housing for Supported Living

What does equality and diversity in housing look like?

If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism" (Dr. Stephen Shore)

Like everyone else, our tenants have individual needs and preferences, so when it comes to housing for people with autism or learning disabilities one size definitely does not fit all. Zetetick Housing aims to achieve equality and diversity by providing quality housing for specialist supported living to people with a variety of learning disabilities and complex needs, as well as people with autism. We work closely with care commissioners to ensure that tenants can live independently in their own homes with the right support.

Diverse Needs

The quote from Dr. Stephen Shore really emphasises the diversity of the autism spectrum – common autistic traits include processing issues, sensitivity to physical and sensory stimuli, communication issues, executive dysfunction, problems with motor skills and more. All of these traits, as well as many not listed here, are present in endless different combinations in each individual on the spectrum.

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A Flexible Approach

Autism is only one of many disabilities or other conditions that Zetetick Housing’s tenants live with. Because the support needs of individuals with autism or other disabilities are so diverse, it can be difficult for care commissioners to find suitable housing and support under one roof. The ‘one size fits all’ approach to support that is often found in institutional care can make addressing all of these diverse needs impossible!

This is why Zetetick believes that the flexible approach offered by best practice supported living is key to promoting equality and diversity in housing. Best practice means that Zetetick provides the housing and works with trusted partner care providers who provide the support, giving real choice to tenants by enabling them to change their support without losing their home, or vice versa.

Zetetick Housing sources properties from the private rental market, suited to each tenant’s desires and support needs. This is equality and diversity in action. With Zetetick, care commissioners don’t have to worry about finding their clients housing or maintaining the property. Our in-house maintenance team are just one way that Zetetick supports tenants to keep their tenancies through intensive housing management.


Zetetick Housing help people with disabilities live independent lives

Best value for money, best value for equality and diversity 

Supported living is linked to positive outcomes for tenants, and this stability is a part of what makes supported living best value for money for commissioners. If you are a care commissioner, local authority or a family member supporting a disabled adult in need of housing, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Zetetick Housing is a charity

We are not out to make a profit, but to provide long term homes to as many beneficiaries as possible, with equality and diversity at the heart of our mission.
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