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Zetetick Housing | Our amazing work explained

Zetetick Housing are a Unique Housing charity

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The registered charity Zetetick Housing deliver quality housing for supported living. But what does that actually involve?

Well, what happens first is that a person with disabilities or complex special needs is referred to us by a care commissioner or local authority. We then work together with them and their commissioner to understand their needs in terms of care, as well as what they would like from their home.

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Finding Housing

Then, Zetetick Housing can start searching for an appropriate property. One of the ways in which our charity is unique is that we rent properties from the private rental market. This not only gives us flexibility by allowing us to find a property that will suit the specific needs of the tenant, instead of trying to make a property that we own work for them, but it also means that we can source properties very quickly if necessary.


‘Life Partners to our tenants’

Once we have found a property suitable for the tenant, they can begin the process of moving in and setting up the support they need. However, Zetetick‘s work does not end there. We are life partners to those we support, and some tenants have been with us since we were first founded in 2007! Zetetick holds the contract with the landlord, so we take responsibility for paying the rent, and we cover the cost of utility bills. We also have our own in-house maintenance team, who look after all of our properties.


Zetetick housing

Zetetick Housing, ready to roll!

As you can see, to achieve Zetetick Housing‘s model of supported living (which you can find out more about here) we work alongside a variety of different people, including care commissioners, support workers, estate agents and landlords. We have been doing this for nearly 14 years. One of our strengths is to bring people from these different industries together and work towards creating the best possible environment for each individual to thrive in.

We are rightly proud of the work we do and our story. For nearly 14 years, we have tried to ensure housing and homes are provided in best practice for supported living, enabling choice and delivering dignity with quality housing.

If you’re interested in working with our charity Zetetick Housing, don’t hesitate to get in contact, and remember to check out our social media.


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