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Supported living

Supported living – housing and support

Supported housing – working together

One of the key principles of supported living is the separation of housing and support. Each element is provided by a different organisation but working together in the best interest of the tenant.

A key aim of this arrangement is that the tenant is able to change one of these elements – either move home or look for other supported living providers to change to – without having to change both, thus giving the tenant ‘real choice’ and control over how they live. https://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/20151023_provider_guidance-housing_with_care.pdf.

Supported housing ensures those most easily marginalised by our society: those with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues or autism are integrated and help create a more diverse society where supported, they can live with a measure of independence.

This kind of supported living means that there is a requirement for cooperation between all organisations naturally built into the supported living model – between the housing provider, the support company and the commissioner of the service – with the best interest of the tenant and their choices at the forefront.

Zetetick Housing has been providing high-quality homes since 2007, before supported living was an accepted model, and is experienced in facilitating teams from different specialisms.

As a charity Zetetick housing has therefore long-established links with local authorities and support providers.

In addition, as the housing provider Zetetick works closely with landlords and property owners, sourcing properties on the private rental market. This allows us great flexibility and enables us to find accommodation suitable for the tenant rather than the other way round.

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Everybody wins

In Zetetick’s Supported living model it is win-win situation for all concerned. The tenant gets a safe and comfortable all-inclusive home with all bills paid by Zetetick housing; the support provider can concentrate on the tenant as all property is sourced and maintained by Zetetick; local authorities and care commissioners get value for money (being cheaper than residential care) and a high likelihood of a long-term successful placement as it is based on the tenant’s own preferences, and landlords get Zetetick’s in-house maintenance team looking after their property to a high standard and they receive guaranteed rents with no voids.

Fair access

Zetetick’s charitable mission was and is to give fair access to high-quality homes on the private rental market to marginalised people, and those with disabilities, learning difficulties, autism and mental health problems. The supported living model gives people that opportunity because it works financially for care commissioners as well as offering the tenant a ‘real choice’ of home and support.

To discuss working with us contact Deputy CEO Jonathan Spencer The Zetetick Team

Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing exempt accommodation to vulnerable tenants under the specified clauses of housing legislation.



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