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Supported living housing from Zetetick Housing

Infection rates rise but Zetetick provide safe homes to vulnerable adults and its more important than ever.   

How is the Covid-19 crisis affecting supported living providers and service users?

You have heard about the devastating effects of the Covid-19 crisis in residential care homes, but what about all the vulnerable adults who receive social care at home via supported living? 

Supported living is a service that enables people to have their support needs met while living in their own home. This enables a greater level of independence and engagement in the community than residential care and can be a great option for people with disabilities, learning difficulties, or autism. Learn more here

Supported living schemes haven’t seen the same kind of large scale Covid-19 outbreaks as care homes due to less close contact between service users who are living in their own separate homes.  However, supported living providers have faced many similar challenges to care homes regarding lack of clear guidance, sourcing PPE and testing, managing staff availability, and finding new ways of delivering care.

In addition, the Covid-19 crisis has increased financial pressures on local councils leading to reduced spending on social care and on payments to disabled people.

While support from other sources has decreased, support needs have in many cases increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adults who were already marginalised and have complex needs have had to contend with increased social isolation and anxiety, disruption in routine, and the restriction of their independence to go out and socialise. While the easing of lockdown provided some relief, as winter approaches the rising infection rates and changing guidance bring fresh challenges for supported living.

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Why does Zetetick Housing need my support now?

Zetetick is a unique housing charity that provides the housing component of supported living under the best practice framework. We source properties through the private rental market that are tailored to our tenants needs, cover all maintenance of the property and support people to maintain their tenancies. Learn more about our work here.

With Covid-19 infection rates rising, Zetetick’s mission to deliver supported living homes is now more important than ever. As well as the advantages of enabling greater independence and choice, during the current crisis supported living schemes also protect vulnerable adults from the risk of large Covid-19 outbreaks that we are seeing in residential care settings. With your support, Zetetick can get even more people out of unsafe situations and #bringthemhomes as the winter period draws in. 

Over the last 6 months, the Zetetick team have been responsive and adaptable in the face of challenges in order to keep our tenants safe in their homes. Our maintenance team have continued to carry out essential repairs and gardening work following social distancing guidelines and wearing the appropriate PPE as part of their new normal. We are determined to keep finding innovative solutions for our tenants, and can do so much more with your support.

Supported Living

In-house maintenance

With all the difficulties of the Covid-19 crisis many of us will have been reminded of the importance of a safe and comfortable home. Maybe you have been finding pleasure in cooking, or appreciating being outside in your garden more. It is the ability to enjoy these activities that our tenants often comment on as meaning the most to them in having their own home #whathomemeanstome. You can help us to provide more quality homes for marginalised and vulnerable people who would not otherwise have that opportunity. 

How can I take action? 


With all the challenges our tenants are facing in the Covid-19 crisis, we want to do everything we can to make life a little easier and enhance their new normal.  We are currently running two fundraising campaigns to add a virtual assistant in every home, and to plant a fruit tree in every garden. With so much disruption and uncertainty, virtual assistants can help our tenants stay organised.  A fruit tree in the garden will improve our tenants wellbeing, as they watch it grow and enjoy its nutritious fruit. Learn more about our appeals and donate here


If you would like to give your time in order to support the vulnerable in your community, Zetetick Housing is always looking for volunteers. From looking after our tenants gardens, to helping the office staff with admin, Zetetick Housing is certain to have a volunteer opportunity that suits your preferences and unique skill set. You will be supported to feel safe and ensure that your time with Zetetick benefits you as well as us.  Find out more and volunteer here.

SPREAD THE WORD: Our work depends on successful partnerships with landlords, estate agents, care providers, and care commissioners and we are always looking to expand.

At the moment it’s especially valuable to build a new network of cooperation so please share our work on supported living with anyone who may have an interest or want to collaborate with us. They can get in touch and find out how we can help each other through the Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 fruit tree

Dig deep: plant a fruit tree in every property

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