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Care providers – you only need 1 supported living provider.

Care providers – we source property for supported living.

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One of the key principles of best practice supported living is the separation of housing and support. Zetetick Housing provides high-quality exempt accommodation homes to people with disabilities, learning difficulties and autism, and works closely with care providers who deliver the supported living care services that enable our tenants to live as independently as possible in their communities.

For care providers who work with us, this means they need have no concerns about sourcing or maintaining properties, literally no fuss, but can rely on Zetetick and its in-house maintenance team to take care of all housing matters.

Landlords maintenance

Why worry about property?

Zetetick knows how hard care providers work, and the pandemic has made your job harder. You are now managing the anxiety and changing routines of tenants, while getting to grips with new guidelines, sourcing PPE, and managing changing staff rotas. The care providers we partner with don’t have the additional worries about trying to find tradespeople when something goes wrong. Zetetick is a click away. Once a repair or maintenance request is logged it goes into our maintenance system where jobs are carefully monitored and strict targets applied.

Covid-19 maintenance

In-house maintenance

Second lockdown

During the first lockdown Zetetick’s maintenance team continued to look after our tenants and carried out emergency repairs.

Now in the second lockdown Zetetick is continuing to carry out emergency repairs and as much of our regular maintenance and redecoration programme as possible while keeping our team, tenants and support workers safe by following all government guidelines and care providers‘ policies.

Keys copy care providers

New client, no property? No problem.

People’s life circumstances change for all sorts of reasons, whether or not there is a pandemic. They still need homes.

There is also a call to move people with disabilities from long term, inpatient hospital care, where they do not usually fare well, to homes of their own. This is not a new issue, Zetetick and many other organisations have been calling for this change for years. Covid-19 has made it even more urgent for people to be in their own homes, and so you may be struggling to find somewhere for a new client to live. https://www.cqc.org.uk/publications/themed-work/rssreview

Zetetick sources its property on the private rental market so can move quickly and find accommodation that suits the individual needs and preferences of the tenant in the supported living situation.

Care providers, get in touch – if you would like to talk to us about finding a home for a client, Contact Us.





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