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Ever wondered what housing options are like for disabled people? Or what ’supported living’ means?  This is what you should know about your unique local charity, Zetetick Housing, who offers supported living in Sussex, Kent, Croydon and London.

Who we are

Zetetick Housing was founded in 2007 by Gary Scott, initially working with Croydon Council to assist with the deficit in social housing for disabled people to offer supported living Croydon. Our Story is important to us. Since then, we’ve expanded our reach across the South East, with 12 employees managing over 70 properties and 149 tenants.

Our Zetetick Housing team members work in a range of roles in order to deliver quality housing, from administration and marketing to property management and maintenance. Each job is important to ensure that tenants and properties are looked after well, and to get the word out about our work to the people who need our help.

Zetetick Housing is a registered charity

Zetetick Housing is a unique charity offering exempt specialised housing provision for supported living. We are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about learning difficulties, autism, challenging behaviour and associated disabilities. We offer support, freedom and opportunity, allowing people with learning difficulties to have quality housing where care, family and home come first.

What we do

Zetetick Housing provides quality housing for supported living. This is where provisions for housing and care for vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities, learning difficulties or autism, are made by separate organisations. The separation of housing and care, a key part of the Zetetick model, is considered to be best practice because it allows people to make changes to one of these without having to change both.

Moving from a care home to supported living can have a huge impact on a tenant’s quality of life. Because Zetetick rents properties from the private rental market, we can find people a home that not only suits them but allows them to live within their communities. Our model of supported living delivers dignity and gives tenants greater independence in their lives.

Zetetick Housing

How you can help

Although supported living is considered to be best practice, many people with complex needs and learning difficulties still live in care homes and facilities where they might spend most of their day locked up, with no choice over how they spend their time, and they may not even be receiving the support that is most appropriate for their particular needs. Zetetick Housing wants to change this.

Whether it is supported living in East Sussex, supported living in West Sussex, supported living in London or supported living in Kent, we work with local authorities, care organisations, developers and property owners to ensure high-quality provision.

There has also been an increasing number of reports about the mistreatment of residents by staff in homes for people with learning disabilities. While this may not be a universal experience, it further supports that the current system of housing people with disabilities in care homes is not providing them with the choice and dignity that they deserve.

This is why we at Zetetick Housing are trying to spread the word about our work and supported living. We believe that everyone deserves the right to a happy and independent life, regardless of whether they have disabilities or other complex needs.

You can check out our fundraising appeals here, but we are not here to ask you for money, or your time. We would just like you to share this post on social media and spread the word about Zetetick Housing, and quality housing for supported living.

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