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zetetick staff

Staff are important | 10 years for Claire

Staff like Claire are the heart of Zetetick 

Staff represent Zetetick Values and mean we are happy to be celebrating our property supervisor Claire’s 10 year anniversary at Zetetick. #bringthemhomes Claire started at Zetetick as a gardener in 2010, making her our longest-running member of staff. Since then her commitment, talent, and hard work for our tenants have seen her progress through the charity to now manage the entire maintenance team. Claire ensures our properties meet the high-quality standard that our tenants deserve, overseeing decorating, maintenance, assessments and inspections. 

Zetetick staff

Zetetick CEO and founder Gary Scott with Claire in our Lewes Office

High-quality homes  

Zetetick provides supported living homes for people with learning difficulties, disabilities, mental health issues, and autism. Zetetick Housing specialise in exempt housing provision under the specified accommodation clause of the housing legislation. Zetetick facilitate best practice in supported living. This ensures by the separation of housing and care we can empower choice and deliver dignity. Our professional in-house maintenance team is an important part of this service. They ensure homes meet tenants’ needs and that maintenance calls are responded to swiftly. They also make Zetetick Housing a great partner for landlords, who can trust us to look after their properties to the highest standard. Claire’s expertise and tireless determination make her an invaluable asset to the Zetetick team and our mission to #bringthemhomes. Because we know people with disabilities are better off with good support and the chance to live independently. Our belief in supported housing and the values that our founder Gary Scott has instilled in the Charity have meant that we build loyalty, honesty and trust with our employees


zetetick staff


Zetetick Values

It is part of Zeteticks values that our staff are worth looking after and investing in. Every member of staff whether in management, administration, or maintenance is essential and for that reason, no one was placed on furlough this year.  Retaining valued staff like Claire is key to Zetetick’s success. By recognising Claire’s talent, and supporting her through training that has allowed her to progress, the charity benefits as do all its staff… and so do our tenants.   

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