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Who are Zetetick Housing – pleased to meet ewe

Zetetick Housing, explained.

Who are Zetetick housing, as a charity what’s our story, what exactly is supported living? Is there really a housing crisis? We are pleased if you want to ask these questions, if you are following us on social media or interested in our posts or the work we do to house people with learning difficulties, disabilities, autism or mental health problems. Supported Living is our bread and butter.
who are zetetick

Who are Zetetick? Supported living is our bread and butter.

The Pandemic

Many charities are suffering and we have tried to help more people, giving over property to help homeless families in Croydon, helping a local charity in Brighton and continuing to raise money for a number of causes to help our tenants and more. When you ask who are Zetetick housing we are judged by our deeds.

Nice to meet ewe!

Hello and thank you to everyone who has started following us recently…or shown an interest, wanted to know who are zetetick housing, why we are called Zetetick Housing, volunteered to help, wanted to find where our houses are or whether they could do business with us.

Who are Zetetick – Find out a bit more

Find out a bit more about us here at our website, or on our Facebook page or LinkedIn page about how we work with local authorities, care and support providers, landlords, estate agents and property developers to provide quality best practice #supportedliving exempt housing (specified accommodation) to people with #learningdifficulties, #disabilities, #autism, #mentalhealth problems.
Keep liking, sharing and spreading the word, tell your friends about Zetetick Housing and the work we do.


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