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Letting your property – save £1000’s with Zetetick’s brilliant deal

Are you thinking about letting your property?

Letting your property can be stressful and there can be many factors to consider. At Zetetick we are delighted to be offering a deal to landlords that really is every bit as good as it sounds. The highlights of the deal are:

Financial Stability

We offer secure rentals for the duration of the agreed lease. This means that you will receive payment regardless of tenancy. This takes away the financial worries which you could face when letting your property.

Reputable Organisation

Zetetick is a highly reputable organisation that has been sourcing housing for people with learning difficulties since 2007. We have a team of highly skilled experts in the housing and non-profit sector so you can put your mind at rest when letting your property as it will be in the best possible hands.

Established for over 14 years

As previously mentioned, Zetetick has been very successful at providing housing for those with learning difficulties since being founded 14 years ago. We have worked with a wealth of landlords in South London and the South-East along the way. Naturally, therefore, we have an abundance of references to support this to help further put your mind at rest when letting your property.

In-house Maintenance Team

letting your property

Zetetick has an in-house maintenance team who are on call 24/7 and can deal with a variety of different issues. It speeds up the repair process as most of the time we can send someone out straight away. One less thing for you to worry about when letting your property.

Social feel-good factor

Lastly, you’ll be doing a good deed. Zetetick provides people with learning difficulties with the chance to live in a place of their own. By letting your property to us you will be supporting an individual with learning difficulties to live as independently as is possible.


I am not sure about having a company let

We manage, in partnership with our providers of support, the tenant’s obligations to maintain the property. In many cases this is 24/7, so we are an active Landlord with our tenants. The same person is in the house throughout the lease

Hang on are these tenants on benefits?

Don’t worry, it’s Zetetick housing who will be the Lessee, and with our strong financial position, guarantee the Landlords rent through the tenure.

Those sort of tenants can cause a lot of damage and hard work for us as the Landlord Agent.

Zetetick housing will undertake all appropriate remedial works (according to the lease) as necessary and at our cost. We have a 24/7 on-call maintenance team that reduces any demands on you and provides a one-call shop to deal with any matters brought to your attention. Again we guarantee to return the property to the same standard, if not better, in accordance with the inventory standard and fair wear & tear.

It’s quicker to deal with the actual tenants, rather than a Housing Association.

We can act as quickly if not quicker than any individual, with immediate access to funding initial rents and committing to an agreed signed lease. Of course  as some of our tenants are vulnerable, we must act quickly to protect them and our own reputation, which is excellent.

Better still our letters of guarantee form a contract with you, and we hold designated funds specifically to fund the end-of-term costs of returning the property to good order, which is unlimited. This removes the risk to you of a tenant failing or choosing not to pay rent at the end or a tenant running off & leaving the property in a mess, with no real redress for you to take. As a secure company, its not just our word, but the legal obligations we adhere to.

A fantastic no-fuss deal, protecting your interests, ensuring your rent so letting your property, becomes a pleasure and at the same time you have the opportunity to really help others.

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