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Property Maintenance – 5 ways Zetetick Housing loves quality

Property Maintenance – Zetetick Housing results and response times speak for themselves

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85% of boiler repairs fixed within 24 hours

Winter is fast approaching, and as the weather gets colder we are all starting to use our heating systems again after the long summer break. Autumn is the time when boilers tend to break down, after being inactive for months, and our homes are even more important to us this coming winter as we continue to deal with Covid-19. https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/17/why-you-should-be-checking-your-boiler-before-winter-arrives-13223857/

Zetetick’s maintenance heroes

Zetetick has its own in-house property maintenance team who handle our repairs and regular property maintenance. During the first three weeks of October they were snowed under with reports of failing boilers causing loss of heating and/or hot water, and they fixed 85% of them within 24 hours.

property maintenance

Your property is safe in Zetetick’s hands

As well as dealing with failing boilers and emergency repairs, Zetetick’s property maintenance team carries out regular property inspections and has an ongoing schedule of redecoration as part of our commitment to looking after your property to the highest standard. Our property maintenance team works to strict targets for completing jobs. Landlords can therefore rest assured that your property is safe in Zetetick’s hands.

Get a secure income and make a difference

Most of the landlords that Zetetick deals with are pleased that their properties are not only earning them a secure income (leases are all with Zetetick, rents are paid on time each month and no voids) but they also like their properties being used to give good homes to marginalised people who might never have lived in a home of their own before. One of our landlords said “We also like seeing the properties being used for supported living and are happy to provide good quality and safe housing for people with disabilities.”

Covid-19 maintenance

In-house maintenance

Property Maintenance – committed to quality for tenants and landlords

Zetetick believes passionately in the right of people with disabilities, learning difficulties and autism to live in safe, warm homes of their own where, with the right support, they can lead independent lives doing what they enjoy and the everyday things that most of us take for granted. Too many people are suffering in inpatient hospital units for long periods and suffering abuse, restraint and seclusion for no other reason than the shortage of suitable housing and support in our communities (CQC report October 2020). Zetetick provides this housing by renting properties on the private lettings market that are looked after by our property maintenance team, and we work with established partner care providers.

Got a property to let in South London or the South East? Get in touch

We rent anything from 1 bedroom flat to large detached houses. At the moment we are particularly looking for 2 bedroom properties in the Croydon and Lambeth areas.

To find out more get in touch: Contact Us


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