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Zetetick Housing | Autumn/Winter 2020 edition of our magazine

Our Bi-annual magazine – Zetetick Life, Autumn/Winter 2020

Zetetick Housing says well done to all on the engagement team, employees and volunteers, for helping to create this Autumn/Winter edition of our magazine. #bringthemhomes #learningdifficulties #autism #supportedhousing

The latest version of the Zetetick Housing journal is published today with great thanks to Lewes artist Nicky Drake, captured by street photography here whose lockdown art graces the front cover, there is some more of her work in the image below.

You can view an online copy of the magazine here or sign up to have it sent to you regularly here.

We have tried to offer you a varied idea of what we do, of the support we need and the people who both work for us or volunteer with us. Make sure to check out our causes on Total Giving and please follow and share on social media, you will find us by searching for zetetickhousing or using the links across this website.

zetetick housing

Nicky Drake’s amazing illustrated piano

Why Zetetick Housing?

Zetetick Housing work across South London, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Brighton and Kent and are always looking to offer the exempt provision of specified housing to ensure people with learning difficulties and autism are given independence, through best practice supported living, where housing and care are separated and given equal weight. Zetetick Housing notes the recent Care Quality Commission investigation that highlighted the appalling treatment of people with autism and learning disabilities as it is something we have been complaining about and fighting against for 14 years.

Why ‘Zetetick Life’ – The Zetetick housing magazine?

Who would want to live in a lockup, when Zetetick Housing can provide them with a home and the support they need? It’s why we produce our magazine – to give more people the chance to work with us and support us in the work we do to bring people with learning difficulties, associated disabilities and autism into a comfortable home where they can live independently.

Zetetick Housing says #bringthemhomes

This is why we say #bringthemhomes, it’s a hashtag that symbolises the work we, amongst others, are doing. If you used it as well when writing, tweeting or posting about the #housingcrisis and the way it affects those most marginalised by society, then hopefully local authorities will see it’s about housing as much as it is about care. Zetetick Housing hope you enjoy reading our latest edition and will join us in the fight to bring homes to people with learning difficulties, associated disabilities, autism and mental health issues. Thank you.

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