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Property wanted

Property wanted | Zetetick’s brilliant deal for lettings agents & landlords

Property wanted for rent in the South East

If you have a property that matches the following criteria

then talk to Zetetick about renting to us in the future, get in touch.
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Zetetick has been renting properties, from one bedroom flats to large detached houses, from the private rental market since we started in 2007. There are many benefits for landlords and letting agents of working with Zetetick, and we have trusted, longstanding relationships with the landlords and lettings agents we work with.

These are the properties we are currently actively looking for. Please get in touch if you have a property that would be suitable, and read on below to find out exactly why Zetetick’s deal is a no-brainer for lettings agents and landlords.

Property wanted in South London:

  • 2 bedroom end-of-terrace or semi-detached house, or flat, in Streatham area. Rent circa £1570.
  • 2 bedroom garden flat with own entrance or bungalow, away from main roads,in South Croydon, Purley, or Shirley areas. Rent circa £1300.
  • 1 bedroom flat in the borough of Greenwich – must be conversion or small block. Rent £245 per week.
  • 2 bedroom flat, ground or lower ground floor, in Brixton. Rent £1570.
  • Studio flat in South Croydon area. Rent £800 – £850 per month.

For South London property contact Judith Chambers The Zetetick Staff Team | Supported Living

Property wanted in Sussex:

  • 2 bedroom ground floor flat or bungalow in Hastings (no steps or stairs).
  • 2 x 2 bedroom flats in the same building (1 ground floor) in Brighton.
  • 2 x 2 bedroom flats in the same building in Brighton.
  • 2 x 2 bedroom bungalows next door to each other in Brighton.

For Sussex property contact Jonathan Spencer The Zetetick Staff Team | Supported Living

What is Zetetick’s brilliant deal for lettings agents and landlords?

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The lease

Your tenant is Zetetick Housing and the lease is with Zetetick Housing. We pay rents by standing order each month and we also pay the utility bills and any council tax.

We look for 3 year leases on high quality properties as they will be used to provide comfortable, loved homes to people who wouldn’t otherwise have fair access to the private rental sector. So unlike corporate lets, Zetetick provides real homes rather than temporary accommodation.

No voids

Because Zetetick is the tenant there are no voids for landlords and lettings agents, so no gaps in monthly rent or commission on rent collected.

No maintenance for landlords

Landlords couldn’t be in better hands in terms of renting to people who care about the property. Zetetick’s in-house maintenance team carries out regular inspections, has a rolling programme of redecoration, and handles all repairs (including being on call 24/7 for emergencies).

Zetetick provide our tenants with Intensive Housing Management to enable them to sustain their tenancies with us, so we carry out the jobs that regular tenants are expected to do but in reality don’t always do to maintain the property – things like garden maintenance, unblocking sinks, window cleaning, and cleaning of communal areas. Minor issues are therefore much less likely to become a problem.

In addition, in the unlikely event that a landlord chooses not to renew the lease, with Zetetick you know that we will return the property in the condition as it was given to us, so at end-of-term there is no risk to the landlord of the scenario where a tenant leaves the property in a bad condition and disappears without paying the last rent in order to recoup their deposit.

All of this makes for happy landlords and a reliable stream of income from ongoing rental collections for agents.

Amer Hameed is a director of AZH Properties,

We enjoy working with Zetetick and have built up a long standing and trusting relationship. We also like seeing the properties being used for supported living and are happy to provide good quality and safe housing for people with disabilities.”

Property wanted

The quality of decorating work in one of our properties

Security and reliability

Zetetick’s maintenance team continued carrying out emergency repairs during lockdown, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic our admin staff have been working as usual but from home where necessary. As a SME we are not a faceless corporation, but people you know by name who you can reach on the other end of the phone when you need to. So Zetetick is a secure and reliable business partner.

Zetetick is good for your brand

It is well known that being aligned with a good cause is good for your brand and good for your business, making it easier for businesses to retain customers and staff. It works particularly well when there is a natural affinity between the parties, so for a lettings agents to be associated with a successful housing charity is the perfect fit.


If you have a property that matches the above criteria

then talk to Zetetick about renting to us in the future, get in touch.
Get in touch

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