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basic principles of supported living

The 5 Principles of Supported Living

The 5 Principles of supported living

The National Development Team established a programme to promote the basic principles of supported living, providing for the first time a much more coherent framework for developing these ideas. Kinsella set out five basic principles of supported living services. These included:


  • separating out housing and support– instead of having to take on packages of residential care, more flexible combinations of housing and support can be developed.

  • focusing on one person at a time– by moving away from the model of the group home, and using detailed ‘personal futures’ planning to provide services that are genuinely individualised.
  • zero rejection– nobody should be seen as ‘too disabled’ to live in their own home.
  • providing people with much more control over their homes and their lives– people’s homes are centred on their own concerns, not those of the organisations providing services.
  • a focus on relationships– people’s links (their family, their friends, their community) are the starting point in designing services, not an afterthought. Through the use of ‘support tenants’ (who share the home with the disabled person and can provide or seek assistance as necessary) and circles of support, people’s relationships are kept right at the forefront.


Basic principles of supported living

Sarah Jones MP opening Zetetick’s Henderson House


The unique charity model offered by Zetetick Housing follows the basic principles of supported living  allowing us to be completely flexible in finding the right home to suit our individual tenants.


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