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Fully Inclusive and Risk Included

All-inclusive/risk included

Zetetick – a Unique housing charity offers a unique, all-inclusive/risk included supported living service for our tenants. As a landlord or an agent for a landlord this puts you in a very positive position. Its an ideal agreement to make and we maintain your property while offering guaranteed income.


Unique to the sector

All-inclusive/risk included means that we manage all the financial and practical aspects of running a home, so that our tenants have no stress or worries about paying the rent, paying bills, or paying for or organising ongoing maintenance. Our finance department takes care of all payments to landlords and utility companies (all bills are in Zetetick’s name), and our in-house team handles the maintenance. This means that our tenants can concentrate on enjoying their homes and on living fulfilling lives. We inspect our properties regularly for unreported maintenance issues and carry out health and safety checks, so tenants can feel totally safe at home.

Our all-inclusive/risk included supported living model “is significantly different form other social landlords and unique to the sector, in that all the risks are borne by Zetetick Housing and not our beneficiaries.” (Delia Beddis, Trustee).


all-inclusive/risk included

Zetetick maintenance van


Our housing team enjoys very good relationships with estate agents and landlords as they know that in our all-inclusive/risk included model, their rents will be paid on time and properties will be well maintained. Our reputation therefore gives us access to many high-quality homes.

A tenant’s parent said “Owners should realise they’re onto a good thing having Zetetick as a tenant – they will repair things and the rent is guaranteed.”


Zetetick’s unique all-inclusive/risk included model is made possible by being an innovative charity and by the funding and support we receive from local authorities, which enables us to provide this unique service for our tenants. Have a property in London or the South East, then…

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    Steph has worked for Zetetick Housing for 5 years. She is highly valued in the finance and engagement depts. Both her Masters degree and her interest and activity with music enhance her creative writing skills.

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