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Zetetick Housing at the Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference

Zetetick Housing at the Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference

Recently Zetetick Housing‘s CEO and Deputy CEO, Gary Scott and Jonathan Spencer, attended the National Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference in London. It was an interesting day meeting industry colleagues, and there were some very good speakers addressing the challenges faced by small housing providers like Zetetick Housing in the current climate.

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Housing Focus

With the housing focus being on home ownership over the last number of years, funding for social housing has plummeted and we all know that there is a massive shortage in the UK. With house prices and rents literally going through the roof, it is even more important for charities like Zetetick Housing, who are working within the supported living model, to provide personalised and varied options for our supported living tenants who traditionally come from marginalised and vulnerable backgrounds.

Reduced funding

Working within a framework of reduced public funding and changes to the benefits system, and with commissioners under pressure to deliver services, Zetetick Housing is coming up with innovative new projects to provide first class homes that we believe our tenants deserve. Our recently launched project at Henderson House in Croydon showcases this strategy. A block of 10 self-contained apartments with communal area and 24/7 support, it was developed in partnership between Zetetick Housing, Croydon Council, Frontier Support Services and a local developer. It is a unique project, and just one of the things that makes us at Zetetick Housing a Unique Housing Charity.

Watch a short video by the National Housing Federation of some delegates to the conference: “The thing that’s really good about smalls… we’re closer to our tenants and we understand them”.


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