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Zetetick 2021 – A time for reassuring reflection  

Zetetick 2021 – A time for reassuring reflection  

Zetetick 2021 – A time for reassuring reflection

With the end of the year fast approaching, an opportunity to look back over the past 12 months to see what we as a charity have achieved, given the hugely challenging times we have all faced.

Without doubt it can be said with the Covid-19 virus continually evolving, this has had an overwhelming impact on all aspects of the way we work and our day to day lives.  Adapting to how we work, whether this be remotely, from home, keeping connected with our Care Partners via online meetings, and supporting staff whether these are new or long standing members of the team, the challenges have been numerous.

However, unsurprisingly, the committed Zetetick team and people we work with, have come together to help each other with an unmistakable spirit of cooperation. Charities, including Zetetick, have done amazing work to continue supporting vulnerable people in all aspects of their lives.

Zetetick 2021 – A time for reassuring reflection  


The team at Zetetick have continued to operate this year, throughout the pandemic. The Finance and Engagement Teams working remotely from home when necessary, but being office based when permitted.  Both the Croydon and Lewes Maintenance Teams have been available throughout, continuing to provide 24/7 emergency call out and maintaining the properties for our tenants.  Hand in hand with this, the Maintenance Team also provide support to our care partners who provide supported living to our tenants with learning disabilities.

The pandemic has been a perfect opportunity for us to successfully launch our Digital Inclusion Alexa pilot project with Clear Community Web, where we have received funding to provide digital assistants to some of our tenants.   With the help of Clear Community Web, who are experienced in delivering digital skills training to vulnerable and marginalised adults, our tenants are now able to use these devices based on their hobbies, interests and needs.

Digital Inclusion

Our Social Media channels have been a key tool in reaching many during each period of lockdown.  The Zetetick website news  and social media channels, have been supported by some wonderful volunteers who have given their time and creativity to help spread the good word and work of Zetetick, our values, the experienced staff and quality we wish to bring to people with learning disabilities, while supporting their fight and right to live independently but with the support they need.  Our thanks to them for their time, help and support – if this is something you would like to do, please do get in touch.

Volunteering with Zetetick

Quality – Zetetick’s growing Team

We have welcomed a new Head of Maintenance – Rohan Fraser, and Housing Officer, Gloria Henry to the Zetetick Team in Croydon.  One of our Engagement volunteers, Emma Vartdal,  has also now joined as a permanent member of staff on the Engagement Team.

One of longest standing members of the team, Claire White, has moved from the Croydon office to the Lewes Office, which was opened 15 months ago. Our Maintenance Team has also recently successfully recruited 2 new members, who will complete their on-boarding process in January 2022. Our Care Provider partnership has grown by 25% with a further 25% increased expected early in the New Year.  Although we look to grow, our key focus and value is in the quality of all we do, and underpins each of our BEDROCK values.

We look to the new year with hope, determination and expectation of achieving high quality results for our colleagues, partners and tenants.  We thank you for your continued support throughout this year, and we welcome you to join us if you have the same values in the quality of what you wish to achieve, in what we hope will be a healthy and prosperous new year for all.



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