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Radical kindness

Radical kindness | Give to charity | 5 free ways to help

Give to local charity Sharing our cause – the extraordinary effects of radical kindness

Imagine a society where kindness is core. Kindness is the key to recognising others and ourselves, as worthy of love and understanding.

With practice, we learn to see with our hearts and act from a place of compassion. By practicing radical kindness – toward ourselves, with loved ones and to the world at large – we can transform ourselves, our community and our world for the better.  This is the opposite to the selfish rush of society which has become disconnected and distracted.

Radical kindness

Annual World Kindness Week began when several humanitarian groups came together in 1997 and made a Declaration of Kindness. It encourages everyone to make a similar declaration of kindness and charity and aims to create a society where everyone can live a dignified life.

Zetetick Housing Charity is a successful provider of supported living accommodation.  We supply high-quality specialised housing to vulnerable adults with disabilities, learning difficulties, autism and mental health issues so that our tenants can live independently in their own homes with the support they need in London and the southern counties.

The adults we support are chronically marginalised by society and pushed to the sidelines, with no advocacy and no agency to fight for themselves. Help us to remedy this right now.

Even the smallest act of radical kindness can go a long way. There are so many ways you can share our mission with the wider community without spending a penny or giving us lots of your time. Here’s how…

Step 1 – Follow and share our social media accounts!

First things first, go ahead and follow us on our FacebookTwitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts and share our profiles to your contacts.  The more followers and subscribers we have across our profiles, the more that the social media algorithms will understand how important our work is.  Zetetick will then become more visible in user’s news feeds and on internet searches.

Radical kindness

Step 2 React to, comment on and share our posts!

The more you can click like, drop a quick comment on our posts and share them to your feed or stories, the more of your friends and connections will see them too!  This will really help to spread the word about our work.

Step 3 – Spend some time on our website!

Thank you for reading this – you’re already helping Zetetick more than you could know.  Spending some time on our webpages, reading a few articles and clicking links all help to push us up the rankings on search engines and make it more likely that others will find us.  Simple!

Step 4 – Talk about us!

Radical kindness

Communicating to those around you and word of mouth is the most effective way to build a community.  On that next video call or zoom meeting, tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about Zetetick Housing and the work we do.

Imagine the impact if each of the thousands reading this article passes our mission on to one more person – there’s strength in numbers!

Step 5 – Tell us what you know!

Give us some information: perhaps you know of someone who would benefit from becoming one of our tenants?  Have you got a contact at a letting agent?  Does a friend or family member work in the care industry?  As you give to them, you give to Zetetick, your local charity.  Get in touch!

Give to local charity by keeping an eye out for places we can make a difference and let us know.

If you can do any or all of these actions – we thank you! Changing society, one act of radical kindness at a time.

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