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Zetetick Life magazine released

‘Zetetick Life’ magazine released


After a morning spent stuffing envelopes in our south east office in Lewes, we are so proud that our first batch of Zetetick Life magazines for spring 2020 have been posted and they will be landing on your desks shortly. It was all hands to the pump and even our Deputy CEO, Jonathan Spencer, enjoyed getting involved with our first marketing/GDPR mailing.

First Zetetick Life mailing

First ‘Zetetick Life’ mailing


A ‘Zetetick Life‘ changing experience

Zetetick provides a life changing experience for many of our tenants, and our magazine Zetetick Life gives a flavour of how we work with our partners in local authorities, care and support companies, landlords, estate agents, and volunteers to deliver the high quality housing for supported living that we are known for. Many people we approach ask exactly what do you do and what can you do for us as commissioners or care providers? It’s really simple – we remove the problem of property, allowing a clear best practice separation of care and housing, allowing commissioners the reassurance that they will get the the best service, and tenants and landlords to know they are safe in our hands.


Communication allows people to come home

Keeping in touch is so important. We are always looking at innovative new ideas, and sharing our news and information to current and future partners enables us to continue what we do – that is allowing people to come home.


You can now view the magazine online here: https://zhc.org.uk/zeteticklife/


Don’t worry if you haven’t received a Zetetick Life or if you’re not on our list, just add your contact details at https://zhc.org.uk/newsletter_signup/ join our magazine subscriptions and we’ll get our magazine out to you twice a year.









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