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Zetetick and the Easter Bunny | Amazing housing since 2007

The Zetetick Bunny?

What does Zetetick have in common with the Easter Bunny?

Firstly, one thing that Zetetick does not have in common with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny originates from German folk law and originally acted as a judge of children’s behaviour over the period of ‘Eastertide‘. 

Respect and dignity not just at Easter

Respect and dignity are part of our core values which are the BEDROCK of everything that we do. Each letter of ‘Bedrock’ relates to a specific value or behaviour that directs the way Zetetick operates. These values were explained on our Instagram page with the help of our office dogs Bob and Barney. Head over there to find out more and see some pictures of super cute dogs at the same time.

So what does Zetetick have in common with The Easter Bunny? The Easter Bunny is very good at giving, and this is something we know all about at Zetetick. 

Zetetick is a unique housing charity that provides high quality, supported living homes to people with learning disabilities and autism. As a charity we don’t have to pay huge dividends to corporate shareholders, so all of our efforts goes into providing as many beneficiaries with homes that they will love.

This Easter, we are celebrating the amazing ways we have been giving since the charity was founded in 2007.

Sourcing Housing for people with learning disabilities

Many people with learning disabilities and autism are still trapped in inpatient care, far from home and loved ones. In many cases, people are not given the right support and are mistreated in those settings, and consequently deteriorate. As well as being a better value for money for local authorities, the supported living model of housing has been proved to be successful and is linked to positive outcomes for many people with learning disabilities and autism. When people are listened to, their needs and desires acted on, and with the right support, they are much more likely to thrive in an environment suited to their individual needs, and supported to do the things they want to do.

The most important thing to Zetetick is our tenants. Whether it’s our first-ever tenant who has been with us since 2007, or newer tenants at Henderson House (opened in 2019), we are delighted that we can continue to provide high quality, happy homes to more and more people.

Zetetick Housing Maintenance

Easter Bunny

Zetetick gives our tenants more than just a house. We provide homes that people want to live in long term. This is partly due to the work of our in-house maintenance team.

Zetetick provides Intensive Housing Management (IHM) to our tenants to enable them to sustain their tenancies.This means that in addition to the normal repairs and redecoration programme our maintenance team carry out they are also on call 24/7 for emergencies, as well as carrying out minor repairs that would not be provided by a general landlord. For example, Ceni recently went out to fix a faulty door handle in the kitchen of one of our properties. This is something our tenant couldn’t have fixed and would have caused them unnecessary anxiety.

Like many drivers, our maintenance team have named their vans. We will be revealing them on our Instagram page this week and be explaining the thinking behind the names. You might be surprised by some of the stories.


Easter bunny Social media

Better Times Ahead

Zetetick is fortunate enough to have people who give to us, Like the Easter Bunny. By giving us their time, our social media volunteers help us spread the word about the amazing work we do through our social media channels.

Even the Easter Bunny needs help sometimes!

In exchange, we give them the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them in their careers, as well as the opportunity to make a difference.

More of an outdoors person than a tech guru?

We also have volunteers who do gardening for our tenants. You can find out more about becoming a volunteer here.

Happy Easter

Unfortunately, we may not be able to celebrate in the way we would like this year, but we look forward to better times ahead.

From all of us at Zetetick, and with Easter Bunny we wish you a very Happy Easter.





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