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Volunteering near me – we reveal 3 ways to be extra helpful

Volunteering near me – discover the joy of giving here!

If you volunteer, you often start with where can I find opportunities for volunteering near me. The wonderful thing about being a volunteer is that everyone can do it, and the joy is found in the giving, especially to those who are frequently overlooked by society.

Using your skills and creative ideas you will be changing attitudes, and helping to end the marginalisation of adults with learning difficulties, autism and disabilities.

At Zetetick Housing any help you are able to give as with zetetick volunteering, will make a real difference to so many people, which is rewarding in itself, but further benefits can be seen below – please read on.

Zetetick Housing provides specialist accommodation for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties, disabilities, autism, and mental health problems. There are a broad range of “volunteering near me” opportunities at Zetetick, which you are able to do, to support and enhance the lives of our tenants.

Social Media Volunteering

Volunteering near me

Volunteering via Social Media!

This can be from volunteering in the form of “liking”, “commenting” and “sharing” any of our posts, on all of our Social Media platforms, from the comfort of your own home.

Follow our social media accounts below to stay informed about housing news, get updates about our work and be part of our community.

If you are interested in becoming one of our social media volunteers, where you can help to create images, share ideas and promote our work, please do get in touch by clicking here, we’d love to hear from you!

Work Outdoors – Volunteering Near Me – Supported Living

Alternatively, with spring upon us and the summer in the not too distant future, when you are thinking about volunteering near me, you could volunteer to work outdoors in one of our tenants’ gardens, to keep their outdoor space a pleasant and uplifting place to be. The picture shown below is an example of some of the work that can be undertaken. Clearing borders, planting flowers, cutting lawns, cleaning patio areas – any way to improve the outlook for our tenants.

Volunteer Near Me - tenant gardens

Volunteer Near Me – Garden beauty

With Zetetick volunteering there are also opportunities to work in our Covid secure office, either providing research, creating social media posts or even to co-ordinate the distribution of our Zetetick merchandise to local businesses.

Perhaps you just started with an idea you want to give, you searched for volunteering near me, without realising the benefits to you can be extensive too. Volunteering provides a sense of purpose, frequently about something you are interested in or have been influenced by, and subsequently feel strongly about. Interacting with like-minded people who also feel passionately about a cause, can improve overall wellbeing and mental or physical health. Other benefits include:-

  • contributing to a cause in the local community in which you belong
  • sharing your skills and talents for people needing supported living
  • participating in Individual Social Responsibility
  • gaining experience
  • developing friendships
  • building your network of like-minded people

Develop or change your career

If you are working towards a career in the charity sector or in marketing and communications, Zetetick Housing will work with you to provide valuable knowledge and experience of what you can expect for future roles, and ensure that your time with us benefits you too.

Whatever stage you are at in your life, you will benefit from the personal satisfaction of helping to make a difference. By volunteering with Zetetick Housing you will be raising awareness about the housing situation for people with learning difficulties and supporting Zetetick Housing’s work to change this, empower choice, and deliver dignity,  all key characteristics of Zetetick Housing’s values 

So you started with the idea of volunteering near me, if you would like to offer your time in any capacity for any of the above roles, please do get in touch we would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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