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high quality tenant

What makes Zetetick a unique and high quality tenant? | 5 reasons why

high quality tenant

1. Guaranteed income

As one of our landlords your lease is with Zetetick, so we cover all the costs of vacancies and you have a guaranteed income. Beyond fair wear and tear, we offer an exemplary repair and upkeep team to ensure your property is maintained and our tenants have high quality accommodation.

Because Zetetick is the tenant there are no voids for landlords and lettings agents, so no gaps in monthly rent or commission on rent collected.

2 . Trust

You can trust us to look after your property. We are determined to provide our tenants with high quality housing so our in-house maintenance team will do a quality and timely job on maintenance and repairs, and keep your property in tip top condition.

Intrigued? Read more here how landlords have benefitted from our first rate maintenance team.

high-quality tenant

3. Excellent service

It’s not just the quality of our maintenance that distinguishes us. We aim to provide all our partners – including those in local authorities and care companies – with an excellent service. After all, we have been doing what we do very successfully for 14 years across South London and the South East Counties.

4. Flexibility

Our tenants have a choice about how they live (some tenants want or need to live alone, others prefer to share), so we look for all kinds of properties from one bedroom flats to large detached houses. By sourcing property from the private rental market, we can offer our tenants that flexibility. We are currently on the lookout for a range of properties – from one bed flats to a 4 bedroom house with garden space. See below the areas where we need property most urgently.

5. Satisfaction

As well as earning a secure income, our landlords know that their property is giving someone who deserves it the chance to be in a supported living home of their own – someone who may not have had that opportunity before. Moving into what might be a first home of their own for our tenants is the first step of the journey to a new life, where they can spread their wings and become valued members of their communities.

Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s is what Amer Hameed, Director of AZH Properties, has to say about the positive relationship that is built when working with Zetetick:

We enjoy working with Zetetick and have built up a longstanding and trusting relationship. We also like seeing property to let being used for supported living and are happy to provide good quality and safe housing for people with disabilities. 

Our concern

Zetetick was started because our founder and CEO, Gary Scott, was concerned that inappropriate accommodation such as out of area, in-patient placements for those with learning difficulties and associated disabilities of any kind, can lead to a range of issues from personal distress, to social isolation and regression.

Zetetick Housing Charity believes that living in their own homes with the right support, autistic people and those with learning difficulties, disabilities or mental health issues, can remain within and contribute to their community, be enabled in choice and gain in personal dignity and development.

So Zetetick provides intensive housing management, paying the utilities and in many cases providing white goods, furniture and furnishings as well as regular general and garden maintenance.

Zetetick is currently looking for properties in Brighton, Purley/Shirley and Croydon – have a property for rent? Contact us here.

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Zetetick Housing is a registered charity in England and Wales. Thank you to all our donors and volunteers who help us with our important work.

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