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The Zetetick Story | An inspiring Christmas Carol

The Zetetick Story

Christmas 2006

The Zetetick Story begins just after Christmas in 2007. Over Christmas 2006 our founder Gary Scott was thinking long and hard about his discovery of the total lack of social housing for vulnerable people.


New year 2007

He consequently formed The charity Zetetick Housing in February 2007 in response to this fundamental shortage of social housing for vulnerable people wishing to live within their communities. Social housing stock in general was oversubscribed and waiting times were running into years rather than months, so a new solution was needed and that is where the The Zetetick Story begins


Best Practice

Best practice then and today recognises the importance of separating housing provision from the support provision element as a key criterion that enables choice, control and flexibility for tenants. This continues to be a core value for ZHC. Everyone has the right to a home, and when we tell the Zetetick story we reinforce the fact that Zetetick have always aimed to empower choice and deliver dignity, making quality homes available to vulnerable people who have been marginalised by society.

Initially working with Croydon Council, the charity developed its innovative strategy of procuring housing from the open rental market that was both high quality and affordable.

Initially Gary was the only employee, being the ‘chief cook & bottle washer’ and ensuring the success of the unique service we offer.

The Zetetick Story


The Zetetick Story followed with staged growth as the charity filled the social housing gap between the available housing association provision and the increasing demand for supported living accommodation. This is and continues to be a challenge. Over the proceeding years Zetetick’s low-cost social housing provision grew from a handful of properties, tenants and employees and with a relatively low income to 77 properties, 149 tenants, 12 employees and income in the millions in 2019. We continue to grow.  One of our newest tenants expressed our pride in what we do in a few sentences:


Now I’ve got my own place I make sure I buy nice stuff to cook with and I’ve got a lot more independence… My life has 100% changed… Here I have people I can talk to at any time  


Our charity Zetetick Housing is well positioned for the future with a strong independent team of trustees, and the next stage of ZHC 5-year development plan. This will be to focus on a business diversification strategy, one of our key primary objectives is to register with the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) in 2020. So the Zetetick story continues and will continue to help others through our charitable work. Could you help us?

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