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Letting property – 3 Irresistible Deals with Zetetick

Letting property – A Landlord’s Dream

For over 14 years, Zetetick has been renting properties from Landlords, from smaller one-bedroom flats to larger detached houses from the private rental market. We have trusted, longstanding relationships with our Landlords and letting agents and one of the many benefits of letting property to Zetetick is our 24/7 in-house Maintenance Team.  Read on to see why.

Zetetick’s Maintenance Supervisor – Claire White

If you are letting property, you want to know it’s being looked after, our maintenance teams work 24/7 to ensure your property is looked after. It’s Zetetick’s experienced staff that make this happen.

Claire has worked at Zetetick for over ten years now, originally employed as a seasonal gardener. Claire had previously worked in the Construction industry and brought a broad range of exceptional skills with her to our Maintenance Team.

From undertaking repairs at our properties, as well as resolving any plumbing issues, gardening in the summer, and decorating during the winter months. As we continued to secure a growing number of properties for tenants, this growth provided Claire with the opportunity of promotion to Maintenance Supervisor. Claire was, therefore, able to manage our growing maintenance team, in line with the growing number of properties we are responsible for.

Letting property - Maintained to a high standard

The Maintenance Team

Our own in-house maintenance and housing management team looks after all of our properties to the highest of standards. Regular inspections are carried out, redecoration takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year, and regular maintenance jobs are completed within agreed timescales.

Letting property means giving something you love or an investment into the hands of others, every property is different, but we care for them all to the highest standards.

One of the things Claire loves about her job is that every day is different!  During lockdown when only emergency repairs were undertaken, staff were generally home-based.  The team certainly missed seeing the tenants and receiving support from one another.  As things have opened up more, the early morning meetings in the office to schedule workloads have returned, along with the ability to directly support one another again.

Pride in your property

The varying aspects of Claire’s role continues with properties. These include the practical upkeep, but also inspections of them. This could be looking at a new home we are looking at, or one that is coming to the end of its lease, ensuring you have the guarantee that your property will be returned in good order.

Sussex office

Zetetick recently took the maintenance of its Sussex properties in-house too, after acquiring our Lewes Office. This inline with all the other counties we operate in.  We have an expanding Maintenance Team in Sussex, who provide an excellent service to our Landlords, letting agents and our tenants.


What Claire loves most about her job is getting to know the tenants and supporting them to make their home the best it can be. The great thing about having an in-house maintenance team is that the tenants are known, which makes completing repairs and any upheaval, less stressful for them.

Claire had not worked for a charity before Zetetick or met any people with a learning disability. Getting to know our tenants over a period of time, Claire has really valued the opportunity to treat them with the respect they deserve and try to give them the home they want.  Claire clearly demonstrates all of Zetetick’s values, which are the foundation of all we do.

See here, to find out exactly why it is a perfect match for letting agents and landlords to work with Zetetick.

Our rapid expansion, means new properties are required urgently. We are currently looking for the following properties:-

  • BRIGHTON – 4/5 bedroom house with garden and parking
  • PURLEY/SHIRLEY – 2 bedroom ground floor flat
  • CROYDON – 2 bedroom bungalow

So, if you are a landlord looking for a secure guaranteed rental for your property, on a long term basis (3 years minimum), please do get in touch if you have a property that provides the above.

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