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Letting agents: houses for rent – An ideal arrangement for your clients.

Ideal arrangement

UK Letting agents in South London and Sussex, we are always on the lookout for rental properties – anything from 1 bedroom flats to bungalows, terraces or large detached houses. We are a housing charity that rents properties on the open market and provides supported living homes mainly to tenants with learning disabilities and autism, enabling them to live fulfilling lives in their communities with the appropriate support. We can move quickly and offer an ideal arrangement to landlords, which is why we have such a good reputation with the letting agents we deal with.


What do we offer landlords?

Letting agents across London and the south east work with us getting:

  • A guaranteed rental income with no worries about voids – the lease is with Zetetick and we pay all utility bills
  • High-quality upkeep of properties by our in-house maintenance and housing management team – we carry out regular inspections and decoration and have strict targets for completing repairs
  • Satisfaction – knowing that the property is providing a safe and precious home to disadvantaged people, often giving them a life-changing experience


What do we offer Letting agents?

Are you looking to set up or expand your corporate social responsibility programme by working with a local charity? if you are a letting agent, get in touch to discuss how we could help each other. Whether it is charitable giving or volunteer team building exercises, CSR can be great for your brand marketing and make you more attractive to customers as well as deliver happier employees.

Letting agents

What do we offer your business?

It is now well recognised that CSR is better for business. Having your brand linked to a good cause – whether a charity or community organisation – is more likely to attract customers and retain good and committed employees, especially when there is a sympathetic fit between the parties. According to Forbes, ‘Clients now expect companies to be purpose-driven’ and CSR has gone from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’. IBM found that ‘four of five people surveyed say corporations should prioritise purpose as much as profit.’



What are we doing about Covid-19 and current practice?

We are following all government guidelines and where possible are working remotely. Our in-house maintenance team is carrying out emergency repairs only at present, following appropriate distancing and with PPE. We know that many letting agents are also working remotely and marketing properties online as they were previously. Letting agnets, if you have properties that you would like to tell us about please get in touch, we can view these online and move forward when appropriate.


Letting agents and estate agents can find out about our latest news and receive our Zetetick Life magazine twice a year by subscribing to our mailing list here https://zhc.org.uk/newsletter_signup/

Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing exempt accommodation to vulnerable tenants under the specified clauses of housing legislation.





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