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Croydon -Emergency Accommodation – Zetetick helps out

Emergency Accommodation – Zetetick helps Croydon with Covid 19

Emergency accommodation is just one of the ways Zetetick Housing, as a charity, are looking to help, because it’s an understatement to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has materially altered the way the world operates and created new levels of social responsibility awareness amongst the population.

Our charitable offering is already unique, but during these tough times, we are determined to offer more and do more. In this instance, emergency accommodation was where we could help.

Zetetick Emergency Housing Covid-19

Approaches to Zetetick housing

It is no surprise that Croydon Council approached our charity, as their leading provider of supported accommodation for potential support and emergency accommodation as the pandemic developed and placed an ever-increasing strain on local authority provision.

As a socially responsible Charity, Zetetick were the first to offer assistance with the provision of seven units that could accommodate up to 14 vulnerable tenants. Furthermore, with some creative thinking and working with some of our tenants, we hope to provide a detached 6 bedded property for the use of Croydon’s children’s services – an area we don’t normally operate within, but these exceptional times requires some exceptional changes to policies and who we help. Vulnerable children and families are groups most in need of Zeteick’s emergency accommodation.

Zetetick Quality Housing

This development in the London borough of Croydon is of the highest standard

Emergency housing Zetetick Quality

We are looking to help commissioners and other charities with similar objectives.

As part of our charity giving and recognising the financial pressures the pandemic is creating for Croydon Council, the seven schemes will be leased to Croydon, as emergency housing,  for a nominal rental value, with Zetetick  absorbing all other costs and the children’s scheme will be fully funded by Zetetick Housing, including core rent.

The Zetetick Board of Trustees hope this small gesture of emergency housing will go a long way to help and support people during this crisis.

Emergency Housing Zetetick Quality 2

You can help us help more people and not just with emergency accommodation… by making a donation.

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Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing exempt accommodation to vulnerable tenants under the specified clauses of housing legislation.


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