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Dig deep

Dig deep, plant a fruit tree, help our tenants blossom – from £20

Dig deep, our tenants will blossom – from £20


Zetetick Housing is a housing charity specialising in providing safe and happy supported living homes under the exempt accommodation clauses of housing legislation to mainly learning disabled and autistic adults, and those with complex needs. We are looking to raise £3,000 to plant fruit trees in our properties to improve the wellbeing of our tenants.

Dig deep

Plant a fruit tree

We would like our tenants to get the maximum benefit possible from their gardens, and we aim to plant a fruit tree in every garden if possible. As little as £20 would enable us to buy a fruit tree that our tenants will love to watch grow, as well as being able to enjoy the nutritious, organic fruit and learn more about nature and diet. In addition fruit trees are good for the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, improve air quality, and have a cooling effect on the temperature. They also provide shelter for insects and birds so are great for supporting wildlife. https://blog.horkans.ie/benefits-growing-fruit-trees/


For many of our tenants a Zetetick home is their first experience of being in a home of their own. Some have come to us from secure units where they were locked away for long periods of time, but now they are blossoming in a safe and happy environment doing everyday things that we all take for granted. Anything that can do to improve our gardens and make them calm, beautiful and restful spaces can only enhance the wellbeing of our tenants, and a lovely, green space is even more important now during Covid-19; we all need to take advantage of every chance we get to connect with nature when it is difficult to get out and about.

Dig deep

Of course the larger the donation the more trees we can buy for our tenants, so if you can spare a little more money or if you are a business looking for beneficiaries for your corporate social responsibility programme please dig deep and get in touch or donate via the button below


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