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Christmas pudding

Christmas Pudding Recipe | Pressure cooker

Christmas Pudding that will delight on Christmas day.

Christmas Pudding in a pressure cooker

This is a great luxury Christmas pudding recipe that’s run in our Deputy CEO Jonathan’s family for many years and makes a fantastic old fashioned Christmas pudding.  We are great believers in Pressure Cookers (the one we uses advertised below)and use this to steam the pudding as it is quicker….give it a try and see what you think.

Christmas is an important time of year for us at Zetetick because its when our story began, you can check it out here

We use an amazon pressure cooker but used to have a prestige and a tower, we have found them all good value and easy to use.  The Christmas pudding recipe uses old fashioned pounds and ounces and healthy things like wholewheat flour, this year Jonathan even used spelt flour in his pudding mixture…which worked fine. The point here is that a homemade Christmas pudding has a lightness and fruitiness that is unsurpassed by shop-bought puddings (UK Imperial Measure)….

Christmas pudding ingredients

4oz Fine wholemeal breadcrumbs

2oz of plain wholemeal flour

4oz of vegetable suet

4oz Sugar

1lb of mixed dried fruit(you can use prunes and figs finely chopped as well as raisins sultanas and currants)

Christmas pudding

1 tablespoon of black treacle or molasses
14oz mixed peel
4oz of blanched almonds
1 small grated carrot
1 small grated apple
the grated rind and juice of one lemon
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of  mixed spice
1/2 teaspoon of grated nutmeg
1 gill ( a quarter of a pint)of ale, beer, stout, or whiskey…….I prefer to add part stout and part whiskey


For your Christmas pudding…Mix all the ingredients together stirring thoroughly until well blended in a large mixing bowl, then place into greased basins.  Cover carefully with greaseproof paper, foil to make a waterproof seal (best you can) each pudding needs to steam for 8 hours or 2 hours in a pressure cooker (1/2 hour at no pressure then1.5 hours at full pressure)

As stated above you need to make sure each pudding bowl is watertight, in the old days they put a layer of greaseproof on top of the pudding and then covered this with a thick mixture of flour and water and then tied a pudding cloth round it (but I just use greaseproof paper and foil)
After each steaming, remove the foil or cloth etc and replace with fresh dry paper and foil.

This is the best Christmas pudding, we would even go so far as to say its the ultimate Christmas pudding
If you are interested in more Christmas recipes, We have them all…candied peel, marzipan, mincemeat (for mince pies), peppermint creams and a perfect way to cook the turkey.
If you use our Deputy CEOs  recipe for Christmas Pudding and it works for you please either use the comment button underneath the article or make a donation

Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing exempt accommodation to vulnerable tenants under the specified clauses of housing legislation, if you enjoy our recipe why not make a donation 



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This Amazon Basics Pressure cooker is a good starter


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