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A unique housing charity – Zetetick housing

Who are Zetetick Housing?

Zetetick are a registered charity, a unique housing charity who specialise in supporting, amongst others, people with learning difficulties by providing properties from the open private rental market. This allows us total flexibility to source properties that meet the specific needs of our tenants. These can range from bungalows to high-rise flats, subject to referral information and market availability.

A well-established housing provider

Specialising for over 12 years in supporting vulnerable adults to sustain their tenancies and become valued members of their local communities, Zetetick provides supported living housing, exempt accommodation under the specified clauses of housing legislation. When people ask who is Zetetick, it is because we have been so busy delivering quality homes to people we have not had the time to ensure name recognition. As a unique housing charity, Our aim is to become ‘life partners’ with our tenants and help support them to deal with all their future housing needs.

We provide a complete housing support service to our tenants that is traditionally, but not exclusively, accessed via Social Services commissioners. It is important for them to be able to answer, who is Zetetick? Referrals for housing needs can be directed through our approved Support Providers or the individual tenants themselves – a process that is ‘in-control’ compliant and will be a more prevalent method of accessing our services in future.

Who are Zetetick, the unique housing charity?

Zetetick, leaders in supported housing

Cooperation and collaboration

In addition to Zetetick Housing there are two other constituent parts to the arrangements that form the whole package of supported living – Commissioners of Support and Support Providers. The Commissioners of Support (Social Services and/or NHS/CCG Departments) will have and will retain the overall ‘duty of care’ for the wellbeing and protection of a vulnerable adult. The Commissioners will, on behalf of Zetetick Housing, contract and directly fund the personal support for a tenant with an approved support provider. So it is also imperative that care providers in the areas we work in are able to answer who is Zetetick?

Approved support providers

All Support Providers that operate within any property managed by Zetetick Housing will be approved by Zetetick Housing with a formal Housing Partnership Agreement in place to ensure positive outcomes of living in the community for our tenants (see below)

So who are Zetetick Housing and what do they do as a charity?

The objects of the Zetetick A unique Housing Charity are the relief of financial hardship among disadvantaged people by providing services to, in particular, but not exclusively, disabled people living and working in London Boroughs and Southeast Counties, including through:

  • the provision of supported social housing that enables disadvantaged people to live within the community;
  • enabling them to financially meet housing costs;
  • enabling fair access to private rental housing provision;
  • access to interest-free loans to fund housing deposits and home set-up costs;
  • the provision of additional housing management services;

all of which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means. I hope that answers the question: who is Zetetick Housing?

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