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Supported living – a home that’s just right

Supported living – a home that’s just right

People with learning disabilities and other support needs share a common need and right to find a home that’s just right for them. Supported living can offer this; it’s one of the most common living choices for adults with learning disabilities, second only to living in the family home or with friends. Nearly a quarter (22.2% in 2017/2018) of working-age adults with learning disabilities getting long-term social care support were in supported living https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/people-with-learning-disabilities-in-england. This figure has been on a slight upward trend since at least 2010. Why might that be? What is the difference between the model of supported living we at Zetetick provide and that of a care home?  Can supported living offer a home that’s just right?

What is ‘supported living’?

People in ‘supported living’ live in their ‘own homes’ via a tenancy or homeownership or shared ownership, and have personal and housing-related support provided by an outside organisation. This support might include help with a range of everyday tasks, help to travel or shop or to socialise. It can be personalised so that it offers support which is just right for the individual. Repairs and maintenance of the accommodation are managed on the tenant’s behalf so that they do not have to organise it themselves. People in residential care live in a registered care home which is managed and run by a care provider who is responsible for all aspects of their daily needs and wellbeing. Supported living can allow people greater freedom to make choices about what they spend their money on, an important part of independence so that they can have more input into creating a home that’s just right for them.

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Why supported living?

One reason for the slight upward trend towards supported living could be that it is a more easily adaptable option than a residential care home. A model where housing and care are part of the same package makes it very difficult to change one aspect that’s not working, without changing the whole thing. Supported living can offer a much more flexible and responsive solution which can help provide a more personalised package. The ability to be more targeted and responsive can also help to reduce costs, at a time of increasing pressure on Council and health budgets. Is supported living a ‘Goldilocks’ solution, providing a home that’s just right? That’s certainly our aim here at Zetetick.
In supported housing, tenants can feel genuinely part of their local community. The size, location and layout of the accommodation can all be tailored to the person’s needs and preferences – to furnish a home that’s just right for each individual. The support provision too can be mapped onto individual requirements to make it just right. At Zetetick we believe that everyone has a right to their own happy home and we can work with landlords to find just the right one for you.  Our support and maintenance arrangements ensure that any problems are quickly and easily fixed – have a look and see how easy this is Maintenance | Get a Repair. We are excited to be able to empower choice, deliver dignity, and be a life partner for our tenants. We can offer supported living in a home that’s just right for you.

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Zetetick Housing is a registered charity specialising in providing exempt accommodation to vulnerable tenants under the specified clauses of housing legislation.


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