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Housing Choices | For those with a disability

Housing Choices

Ah yes housing choices, often not determined by us but by a housing authority. Whether its learning disability week or not housing choices are essential in the #newnormal to ensure #inclusion and #integration and to ensure #diversity.

We at Zetetick housing want to raise awareness on improving the housing choices for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

There are an estimated 930,000 adults with a learning disability in England, 129,000 of whom receive local authority social care support. They want to live independently, they want choice and yet are some of the most marginalised people in our society.

Zetetick Housing is proud as a charity to support and improve the independent living housing choices of people with learning disabilities.

Housing choices


Housing choices – partnership

Zetetick is a unique, established and successful housing charity providing specialised housing services supporting vulnerable adults to live independently. True Affordable housing. We work in partnership with care providers to provide bespoke accommodation, tailored to the specific needs of the individual and can react quickly to new referrals. We take away the problem of property from care providers and council commissioners.

We are a charity formed as a result of a shortage of organisations that were flexible or willing to support people with a learning disability who wished to find a tenancy home under the supported living model of care.

Housing choices – creating more choices

At present our charity objects mean we provide housing choices in south London boroughs and the southern counties, being the largest suppliers of supported housing to the London borough of Croydon. We have offices in Croydon, St Leonards and Lewes.

We are presently expanding our ability to offer housing choices across our southern base through Sussex and Kent and also looking across Hampshire and Dorset. From estate agents to commissioners and care partners who become our partners to ensure best practice in supported living, we offer housing choices and take away the problem of property.

Our values: https://zhc.org.uk/zetetick-our-values/ are part of our ability to create housing choices.


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