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Zetetick Housing donation for Possability People

Charity Zetetick Housing’s donation helps make ‘anything possible’ for Brighton charity Possability People

A Zetetick Housing Donation:

Zetetick Housing, the supported living charity covering London and the Southern counties are delighted to announce that we have made a charity donation of £5,000 to Brighton based charity Possability People to help them in the aftermath of COVID 19 to continue to deliver essential services to disabled people in East and West Sussex. Disabled people were more likely to experience feelings of isolation before the Covid-19 crisis and they have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic. Possability People’s work supporting disabled people reduces the pressure on acute and primary care services and at the same time helps people develop resilience, digital skills, and coping strategies for a future where ‘anything is possible’ for them.


Operational costs

Zetetick Housing is a successful housing charity based in Lewes, Croydon, and St Leonards-on-Sea. We provide exempt accommodation supported living homes to vulnerable adults and people with disabilities, learning difficulties, autism and mental health problems in South London and the South East, under the specified clauses of housing legislation. We aim to be ‘life partners’ to our tenants for their housing needs. Our charity donation to Possability People will help their user-led organisation top up its core operational costs so that they can continue to offer a large range of services including a care and support agency, support for hospital discharge, and an employment support programme.


zetetick housing donation


Same school of thought

Jonathan Spencer, Zetetick Housing‘s Deputy CEO said “With Possability People there is total harmony between the approaches of our organisations. We both aim to empower choice, deliver dignity and focus on independent living. Similarly our activities are complementary, with Zetetick providing housing and Possability People providing care, support, and other programmes. They are a perfect fit for our charitable giving strategy and we are looking forward to working together closely in the future.”

Geraldine Des Moulins, Possability People’s CEO said “This is a generous and thoughtful donation and we are enormously grateful for it. It is also extremely rewarding because Zetetick Housing‘s approach in supporting people to live independently comes from the same school of thought as ours. Disabled people are so often denied opportunity or choice because they are not adequately supported; this donation will help Possability People to continue to do just that, ensuring disabled people can live independently, with dignity and without prejudice.”

For more information contact Jonathan Spencer https://zhc.org.uk/zetetick-staff-team/




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