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Care providers – working together for supported living

Care providers – working together for supported living

At Zetetick we provide quality supported living housing mainly to people with learning disabilities and autism. A key principle of supported living is the separation of housing and support which means that tenants have the choice to change one without having to change the other, giving them more options over how they live. We therefore work in close partnership with care providers and support providers to deliver our supported living model, so that our tenants can live as independently as possible, leading a life they enjoy in a comfortable home of their own.



Working Together

5 bedroom property in Croydon

Move quickly

As we source housing from the private rental market we can move very fast and be extremely flexible in finding accommodation. This also means that we can find the right property for the right person, rather than trying to fit them into an existing property that they might not like or that might not be suitable for them. Whether someone is being discharged from hospital or residential care, wants to move out of their family home, or just wants to move, we can find something to suit them.


Taking the pressure off property

We excel at putting together multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the best outcome for our tenants, and work in partnership with local authorities, care providers and support providers and landlords to achieve this. Our referrals come from care providers and support providers as well as social workers and local authorities. Lease agreements with landlords and all utility bills are with Zetetick and we have our own in-house maintenance team, so care providers and support providers making referrals to us can do so with the confidence that all aspects of housing are covered and they can completely focus on the person’s support needs.


Charity begins at home

As a charity we have the option to subsidise housing costs where usual funding sources might be insufficient, for example to provide additional housing and support for people with complex needs and/or challenging behaviour, to make their homes and tenancies financially viable.


Working together

If you would like to become one of our approved care providers and support providers, or if you have a client that you support who needs a home, please get in touch.

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