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Legacy of freedom

Legacy of Freedom | Zetetick Housing Remember 11/11

A Legacy of freedom, Let us use it wisely

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At this time of year, we stop to think of those we have lost in both war and peace and to reflect on the sacrifices our armed forces have made for us, their sacrifice has brought a lasting legacy of  freedom and peace

A legacy of freedom and peace is what is commemorated whichever poppy you choose to wear. The Royal British Legion is an organisation that supports our armed forces veterans in their transition into civilian life. They support individuals and families financially and provide a focus for remarkable servicemen and women from the point of leaving the services through to end of life care. As they would say very poppy counts.

The very ideas and ideals these veterans have fought for have left a legacy of freedom which remain ours to enjoy. 

A gift we can respect and be grateful for.

The battle continues for Zetetick Housing and our tenants, in these extraordinary times, with the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic we may find ourselves battling, not physical enemies but personal, social and mental challenges that we need to address, to look after, protect and give opportunities to those people for whom society might otherwise overlook.

A legacy of freedom

Zetetick Housing is not the Royal British Legion, but we enjoy the freedom and respectfully, we might suggest we pursue similar objectives, aims and values in relation to the provision of supported living to a growing part of our community who, along with all of us enjoy freedom, democracy and peace, We recognise it has been granted to us by the efforts and sacrifices of our armed services. A hard fought peace in which everyone should deserve and attain, independence, choice and freedom to live with the support they require, and enjoy the legacy of freedom… the key objectives of Zetetick Housing. Donate to the British legion here



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