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Climate crisis – what can we do?

Climate crisis – what can we do?

Climate crisis - what can we do?

Climate crisis

As the annual World Economic Forum gathers in #Davos20 the issue of climate crisis has grabbed the headlines, spearheaded by young activists. As well as Greta Thurnberg, Autumn Peltier is the Canadian First Nation campaigner for clean water, and Felix Finkbeiner is the 22 year old German campaigner who set up Plant for the Planet foundation in 2007, aged 9, with the motto “Stop talking, start planting.” He is in Davos to push for getting a trillion trees planted in the next ten years, an idea supported by Donald Trump in his address to the Forum.


“Stop talking, start planting”

The issue of tree planting is big news on the political agenda at home too. All the main parties in the 2019 UK election campaign pledged to massively increase the number of trees planted. As well as absorbing large amounts of CO2, trees provide food and shelter for animals and encourage biodiversity. The environmental organisation Friends of the Earth wants to double tree cover in the UK to help combat climate crisis.


At Zetetick we are committed to doing what we can to avert a worsening of the climate crisis. We made sure that our new “Zetetick Life” magazine was printed on climate neutral paper, and we are planning on planting trees in all of our gardens. Our Plant a Fruit Tree scheme will not only help the environment but also encourage our tenants into the garden and enjoy their green spaces.


Climate crisis - what can we do?

Fruit trees for climate crisis

What are the 5 easiest things we can do?

All of this can sometimes feel overwhelming. We can’t all plant hundreds of trees but there are some simple things that we can all do every day to help the climate.

The 5 best easy things we can do to help protect the environment are 1) remember to take your bag for life with you when you go to the shops; 2) recycle; 3) use public transport whenever possible; 4) be mindful of water usage; 5) stop using single-use plastics.

Let’s all try to remember these ideas as we go about our daily lives.


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