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Clap for our Carers

This Thursday at 8 pm please clap for our carers and all NHS, Care, Service and frontline staff across the nation.  Since the lockdown, unlike other housing providers, we have worked to ensure ALL our staff are safe and our tenants looked after. Our amazing maintenance teams have been on emergency call outs only, where staff will go out where tenant well-being is at stake and have offered up a fantastic service in challenging times.

Clap for ur carers

Helping others

Our Zetetick maintenance staff take extra care as they help others.  Our commitment as a charity and an ethical business is to stick to our values and ethics in the face of all challenges. Our staff are all committed and we hope they get the appreciation they deserve. So this Thursday when you clap for our carers, remember there are many vulnerable people out there being cared for and considered, by refuse collectors, supermarket workers, carers, maintenance crews, volunteers, neighbours… remember there are many people on the front line who deserve our support. So clap for our carers #clapforourcarers

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