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Renting to Zetetick | 5 benefits for letting agents

Renting to Zetetick is good for your business

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Zetetick Housing is a charity providing supported living homes to tenants with learning disabilities and autism. We source property on the open rental market, and have been forming long-term partnerships with letting agents and landlords for over 14 years.

So what benefits do we offer your business?

1.   24/7 in-house maintenance team heroes for those urgent repairs

There is no more scrolling through tradesperson directories to cover emergency repairs when you are renting to Zetetick, and no problems accessing the property to arrange tradespeople. Zetetick’s tenants report all maintenance requests to us through our online system, and jobs are monitored and completed according to strict targets. There is also a 24/7 on call service for urgent repairs, even during lockdown.

When so much of the world has come to a standstill, the Zetetick maintenance team are still going. All measures are in place to keep tenants safe including PPE and social distancing, in line with government guidance.

2.   Zetetick cares for the property as well as tenants who are renting

Zetetick’s housing management team are committed to quality for estate agents and landlords. As well as regular maintenance and a rolling programme of inspection and redecoration, Zetetick also provides intensive housing management to our tenants to ensure that the property is looked after properly on a day to day basis. This could cover minor issues such as changing lightbulbs, to unblocking sinks, and even cleaning windows. We also offer a garden maintenance service as appropriate. So renting to Zetetick means no fuss or bother for your property management staff.

3.   Renting that property is challenging, how about dependable income – no voids instead?

During the pandemic and particularly in the lockdown, letting agents are reporting more rent payment problems and trouble finding tenants. As well as the day-to-day property management, leasing to Zetetick has the benefit of a secure income and the guarantee of no vacancies or voids. Zetetick holds the contract and pays the rent by standing order each month, along with the utility bills. The letting agents have no contact with tenants or benefits agencies, keeping things simple.

Renting short term lets

Zetetick also offers 3 year rentals, avoiding costly vacant periods and saving the time and energy it takes to find new tenants.

4.   Make a difference AND make a profit when renting your properties

By working with Zetetick Housing you will be transforming lives. Many vulnerable adults with mild to complex needs still live in facilities where their independence is restricted and they are isolated from society and their loved ones. Letting agents can help provide a home to someone who might not otherwise have had the opportunity, a home where they will get the right support and live happy fulfilling lives that they deserve in their community, doing the everyday things that most of us take for granted.

5.  Corporate Social Responsibility is good for your business

Letting agents CSR

Linking your brand to a good cause through CSR is great for marketing and attracting customers, and works particularly well when there is a natural affinity between what both parties do. This is even more true since the pandemic has shed a spotlight on the need to support the vulnerable in our society, and shown that people really do want to help each other and their communities. Many of the landlords that Zetetick work with are pleased that their properties are being used for a good cause as well as earning them an income. Learn more here https://www.bytestart.co.uk/corporate-social-responsibility-small-business.html. By helping Zetetick to provide supported living homes you can make a strong statement that your business cares.


If you are a letting agent in South London or the South East counties looking for tenants or beneficiaries for your CSR programme, or would like to find out how you could make a difference while receiving the benefits of renting to Zetetick, then please do get in touch Contact Us.

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