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Gary Scott Zetetick CEO an incredible 14 years

Gary Scott his work tells us everything

Gary Scott created the charity Zetetick Housing back in 2007, and he has been leading and growing our charity for 14 years, to put it in a place where we expect to double in size over the next 5-7 years. It’s quite an achievement.

We have many long term staff as part of the team that has been built up, and they are always remembered. Last year we had two members of staff Claire and Steph who had served 10 and 5 years respectively.  But…who remembers the boss? We Do.


Zetetick Housing is a unique charity offering exempt specialised housing provision for supported living. We are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about learning difficulties, autism, challenging behaviour and associated disability. We offer support, freedom and opportunity. Allowing people with learning difficulties to have quality housing where care, family and home come first, every day.

When Gary Scott started Zetetick housing it was because he was motivated to get people with learning difficulties out of lockups and mental health institutions and into the community where with support they could have their own home and live with some independence.

Gary Scott


Charity from hard work and commercial understanding

Gary started doing everything himself and over the years has built a team that covers housing across South London, Surrey, East And West Sussex, Brighton and Hove and is already expanding into Kent and Hampshire.

Gary Scott has made sure as a charity that we were unique in this area of housing and supported living. Being a charity allows us independence, flexibility and the ability to rapidly adapt as well as an openness to explore new ideas, and new types of housing provision and development.

Finding the right place

Zetetick Housing seeks to find the right place first time with respite or emergency support whilst sourcing the appropriate property. Because we work with our contacts in the private rental market this allows us to find the right property for our tenants.

Gary has made sure as a charity we offer guaranteed rents to our landlords. Our leases mean we cover all the voids and they are assured of their income. For service users this means security for them as there are no additional service charges either.

Our strong understanding of learning difficulties and depth of experience in disability comes from both personal experience and our charity’s work. As a charity we have the flexibility to ensure quality housing provision and support.

Gary Scott

Tenant Service

Tenant service has been what Gary Scott’s leadership has been all about. With 90% satisfaction rates from tenants, 97% maintenance response rates and positive and open partnership-based relationships across housing and care, we are sure our reputation goes ahead of us and aim to keep it that way.


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