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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update – Zetetick

coronavirus (Covid-19) update

For this coronavirus (COVID-19) update To all of our tenants, partners in local authorities, care and support providers, landlords and estate agents, suppliers. Protecting you from coronavirus transmission.

We are putting our tenants and staff first by continuing to follow government advice which is why we are giving you this coronavirus (COVID-19) update and are now doing as much as we can working from home.

Most scheduled maintenance has been cancelled for now and we will carry out those non-urgent repairs as soon as we can at a later date. We will continue to carry out emergency repairs while following government guidelines on social distancing. We have recently reviewed our position and we will also be maintaining gardens where work can be done without contact with others.

Let’s hope a human coronavirus vaccine is found soon


Zetetick Housing coronavirus (covid-19) update Coronavirus (Covid-19) update – Zetetick Z alone 300x184

Maintenance – coronavirus (covid-19) update

For urgent repairs please use the repair form on this website https://zhc.org.uk/repair/

For the latest government advice see https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Thank you for your support with this coronavirus (COVID-19) update. We will continue to update you here and on our social media if things change.

With best wishes

Gary Scott (CEO)

Jonathan Spencer (Deputy CEO)

coronavirus (COVID-19) update April 2020


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